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TEXTURE Affordable Art Fair Vernissage

The next exhibition in Terrace Aperol its a preview of the upcoming new Affordable Art Fair , a preview of some of the works , which will feature some special activities of the new edition of the international fair of contemporary art accessible that will come back to Milan for the fourth edition of the 6 9 March. From Tuesday 21 , the works of Svetlana Kuliskova , Semi gallery of art, tapestries dedicated to the materiality of raw materials, composed of recycled fiber in its raw state as silk or merino wool , cashmere , cotton skeins of yarn or viscose or directly tissues , in contrast with the jute recovery , material extremely simple . The works of Cate Maggia gallery Ambre Studio , created with natural materials such as wool or cotton, clothing related to the history of the artist. The dismemberment and recomposition of dresses and sweaters discontinued , become thin colored stripes that tell the history of the land and the landscape. Visit the Terrace Aperol by January 21 for the opening of this exhibition from ' off the official countdown to the Affordable Art Fair Milan.


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